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Together Pharma is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)
The company has a subsidiary Globus Pharma Ltd., which holds the franchise, (both directly and through subsidiaries), to grow, produce, and distribute medical cannabis products.
The company is currently setting up one of the world’s most advanced agricultural cultivation systems, which will allow the control and supervision of cannabis plants using the latest technologies, developing them into quality plants suitable for supervised medical use according to the strict IMC-GAP standards of Israel’s Ministry of Health.
The company is also in the process of adapting a pharmaceutical factory, which will meet all the required strict conditions for manufacturing medical products according to the IMC-GAP standard.

Nissim Bracha – Partner and Together CEO

Nissim was one of Israel's most eminent farmers He currently owns several income producing commercial real estate companies that are partners in projects being carried out with public companies traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Nir Sosinsky – Partner and co-CEO Globus Pharma

Nir is the owner and CEO of a company in the engineering services sector which provides services to government ministries, large public organizations and municipalities. He has major work experience in handling bureaucratic systems and building complex engineering projects. He has academic qualifications in industrial engineering and management.

Guy Attia – Partner, co-CEO Globus Pharma

Guy owns one of the leading security and guarding companies in southern Israel. Guy is one of Israel's leading experts in physical and passive security and serves as a security consultant to some of Israel's most major companies including in the municipal sector.



Breeding medical cannabis varieties according to the requirements of our customers is carried out in our cultivation complex. The breeding is carried out in an area separated from where the cannabis plants are grown in order to protect the young plants from pests and diseases and to provide them optimal growth conditions.

Cultivation and Growing

Our massive cultivation and growing endeavors are carried out in the advanced technology greenhouses in Israel. Growing is performed according to the strictest standards and is fully controlled by our cultivation experts with the support of agronomists. All cultivation procedures are carried out using the strictest cultivation protocols in order to ensure the supply of the world's most advanced standard medical products.


The company's overall production is manufactured in an advanced pharmaceutical factory that meets the IMC-Gap standard. The various products are manufactured in clean rooms that are suitable for medical products and are under the strictest control in the world.


Our distribution network provides a solution for distributing the finished product in Israel through pharmacies as required by Israel's Ministry of Health. It has also been readied and is suitable for distribution overseas when it becomes possible to export medical cannabis from Israel. The distribution network meets the GDP-IMC standard of Israel's Ministry of Health.



GSAP is one of Israel's leading companies in planning pharmaceutical factories that meet the strictest standards such as GMP, and it is one of the leading companies in the field of authorization for quality control and validation of the factory. Together is delighted to collaborate with GSAP in planning its factory and the training of its quality control team for the manufacturing plant.


Secal Control Union Israel is an international supervision and certification organization for quality standards, food and agricultural safety, social and environmental responsibility, which operates in Israel. Secal is authorized by the Medical Cannabis Unit to approve the cultivation farm for the GAP-IMC standard. Together Pharma works with Secal to certify the farm for the GAP-IMC standard as required by Israel's Ministry of Health.

Ben Ishay
Security and Emergency

Police Brigadier General (retired) Meir Ben Ishay, is the former head of the security division of Israel Police and one of Israel's leading security consultants. Ben Ishay has been hired by Together Pharma to plan and approve the company's installations (the cultivation farm and manufacturing plant) so that they meet the strictest standards required in terms of security for medical cannabis activities (GSP-IMC).

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